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>> 12 SEP 2019 - "Yuzo Ishiyama works archive -40" has been released.  >TWITTER >FACEBOOK

>> 13 FEB 2019 - "SHGZR-0dB" Presentation at TPAM 2019  >details

>> 10 JAN 2019 - "Workshop+Sessions" will be held in Tokyo.

Dancers and producing staff are now wanted.


SEP - 2019

"Yuzo Ishiyama works archive -40" (special issue) has been released.


FEB - 2019

A.P.I. official web shop has been opened.  >https://api.official.ec

JAN - 2019

Yuzo Ishiyama gives a presentation about "SHGZR-0dB"(shoegazer -zero decibel) at TPAM 2019 on Wednesday February 13th, 2019.  >details

DEC - 2018

"Workshop+Sessions" will be held in Tokyo on Thursday Jan 10th, 2019.

APR - 2018

"Workshop+Sessions" will be held in Tokyo on Thursday May 24th, 2018.

APR - 2018

"SHGZR-0dB" was successfully end.
It's a great honor for us to have more than 400 audiences at our show.

DEC - 2017

Our new project "SHGZR-0dB"(shoegazer -zero decibel) will be presented at Spiral Hall on April 21st, 22nd 2018.

SEP - 2017

"Workshop+Sessions" will be held in Tokyo on Monday October 16th, 2017.

JUL - 2017

Yuzo Ishiyama solo short performance will be presented at "The Party"(produced by EL SONOCOS) on Friday August 4th, 2017.

MAY - 2017

"Workshop+Sessions" will be held in Tokyo on Monday May 29th, 2017.

MAR - 2017

"Workshop+Sessions" will be held in Tokyo on Monday March 27th, 2017.

FEB - 2017

"0dB" Tokyo premiere was successfully end.
It's a great honor for us to have more than 400 audiences at our show.


aboutA.P.I. is an artist collective organized by Yuzo Ishiyama, a performance media artist / choreographer based in Tokyo.

The collective has been developing new "body movement language" and "art language" which reflects vividly the world of today.
They focus on the creation of live art works which do not end up on (small) computer monitors and smartphones in the age of the "post-Internet."

Mixing visuals, installation, computing and dance etc. is no longer a special method for them. ---- It is their "default setting."

aboutIn 2006, presented a dance piece "QWERTY" at The New National Theatre Tokyo. In the following year, this piece was invited to the digital art festival Bains Numériques #2 in France.

In 2008, they toured Brazil including Belo Horizonte(FID festival), Sao Paulo(SESC SP) and Rio de Janeiro(Panorama Festival).

During a long term stay in Finland in 2011, Ishiyama created and presented a new piece "CatB" collaborating with the local artists. This was the official program of the European Capital of Culture - TURKU2011.

aboutIn May of 2011, Ishiyama was invited to The National Ballet of Japan as a guest choreographer.

In 2013, his dance pieces "QWERTY" and "radi-" were selected as the opening performance at the dance festival New Dance Days in Slovakia (at European Capital of Culture - KOSICE2013).

In 2015, video version of "radi-" was invited to Musée de la Civilisation in Quebec City, Canada. The screening was a long run of 13 months until April 2016.

"A.P.I." ... Artwork Programming Interface


"DDD" - July 2017(Dance Magazine / Japan)

"0dB" vividly throws questions at the audience - "What gives us a realistic sensation at live performance?"

The show also confronted us the fact that how we see the art and the world through biased eyes today.


This is the 'contemporary' dance based on the realities of city dwellers - TOKYO DANCE with 'no sweating' dynamism.

"The Slovak Drama Journal KOD" - December 2013(Theatre Arts Magazine / Slovakia)

A Japanese artist, Yuzo Ishiyama, and his A.P.I. dance group performed two dance pieces (radi-; Qwerty) characterized by conceptual multimedia staging aesthetics.
Media-light virtual stage space serves the black and white dancers as an enclosed theatre area. The dancers had to dynamically work their way around the area in order not to become its full part and not to vanish in the network of constantly blinking intermediary effects and graphic “lies.”

The choreographic compositions were characterized by physical reservedness, human solitude and motion plasticity linked in a functional-musical-media concept.

Ideas embodied in the movements of life performers – incompatible with the media signs – gave an aesthetically net effect in the spirit of conceptual dance arts.

(Note that Yuzo Ishiyama’s collective A.P.I. performed at the State Theatre on October 27 the opening performance of the 1st edition of the Kosice’s Biennale of Contemporary Dance part of Kosice 2013, European Capital of Culture).

By Peter Mato

"Turun Sanomat" - 24th March 2011(Newspaper / Finland)

One of the essential themes of CatB is the essay “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” (1999) by Eric S. Raymond.

CatB can be seen as a hybrid of social relations provided by those two models(=Cathedral Development Method and Bazaar Development method). The four dancers - the amazing So Ueda and Satsumi Fukai in addition to Airaksinen and Aaltonen - express various urban encounters, violent at times, but also an open dialog is found and the direction of power is changed.

Personal movement qualities are evident, but also automatized repetition in movements and in geometrical compositions can be seen. Sansui and CatB are both fascinating in their ever-changing movement vocabulary.

By Kaisa Kurikka

"Jornal do Brasil" - October 2008(Newspaper / Brazil)

What we usually observe is the cliché of dance of each country....

Yuzo brings a different proposal. Instead of working with a Japan of the past, he thinks about a Japan of the future...

"La Terrasse" - 3 October 2007(Culture Magazine / France)

In Japan, the country having a tendency to turn to a digital culture, the dance is not synonymous with Butoh. It is what also proves the Collective A.P.I. with Qwerty, a dance performance and multimedia piece which exploits space by a spectacular installation.

"Danser"- October 2007(Dance Magazine / France)

Yuzo Ishiyama <one of the children of the pioneer group : Dumb Type, in a way. The Japanese work not so much in representation. It is neither the gesture nor all that is around, but the design of the project that is important. They really bring a new interpretation through the visual images and sound effects.>

Dominique Roland interview / By Philippe Noisette


SHGZR-0dB Concept

dance piece "SHGZR-0dB"

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SHGZR-0dB Photos

dance piece "SHGZR-0dB"

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SHGZR-0dB Excerpt Video

dance piece "SHGZR-0dB"

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0dB Concept

"0dB" project

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0dB Photos

dance piece "0dB"(ver.01)

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0dB/prototype Photos

dance piece "0dB/prototype"

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radi- Concept

dance piece "radi-"

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radi- Photos

dance piece "radi-"

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radi- Excerpt Video

dance piece "radi-"

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QWERTY Concept

dance piece "QWERTY"

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dance piece "QWERTY"

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QWERTY Excerpt Video

dance piece "QWERTY"

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Yuzo IshiyamaPerformance media artist / choreographer.

Ishiyama is presenting many performance works integrating sound, installation, visual images and body movements.
He has collaborated with international artists as a choreographer/director and a performer.
Captivating new-generation audiences with his dynamic works, he has been invited to many performance festivals and arts centers such as festival "dance" (Munich), KIASMA (Helsinki), and "Julidans" (Amsterdam).



"0dB" project - 2016~ 

>> "SHGZR-0dB"  at Spiral Hall / Tokyo -2018

>> "0dB"(ver.01)  at DDD AOYAMA CROSS THEATER / Tokyo -2017

>> "0dB/prototype"  invited to art festival "Roppongi Art Night" / Tokyo -2016

"radi-" - 2009~, 2013~ (Multimedia Dance Piece)


> YOUTUBE (excerpt video / 2'50'')

- (prototype) invited to art festival "gene" - Roppongi Hills Arena / Japan -2008

- premiered at Kawasaki Art Center / Japan -2009

- invited to dance festival "New Dance Days" / Slovakia (new version) -2013

- (video version) invited to Musée de la Civilisation / Quebec, Canada -2015

"QWERTY" - 2006~, 2013~ (Multimedia Dance Piece)


> YOUTUBE (excerpt video / 6'30'')

- premiered at "Dance Exhibition 2006" / New National Theatre Tokyo -2006

- invited to digital art festival "Bains numériques #2" / France -2007

- invited to contemporary dance festival "Panorama Festival" -2008

- invited to The National Ballet of Japan -2011

- invited to contemporary dance festival "New Dance Days" / Slovakia -2013

"CatB" - 2011~ (International Collaboration Dance Piece)

> YOUTUBE (excerpt video / 9'40'')

- creation in Turku, Finland -2011

- premiered at "TURKU 2011"(European Capital of Culture) - Official Program -2011

"SU" - 2006~ (Multimedia Live Art Piece)

- premiered at "Dance and Media 2006" / Japan -2006

- (solo version) invited to digital art festival "Bains numériques #2" -2007

"LinkAge" - 2000~ (Multimedia Dance Piece -collaboration with Dutch dance company)

- premiered at "Julidans" festival / Amsterdam -2000

- invited to "New Zealand Festival 2002" / Wellington -2002

nest "Circulation Module" - 1998~ (Multimedia Performance Piece)

- premiered at "PARK TOWER NEXT DANCE FESTIVAL 97" / Tokyo -1998

- invited to "dance 2000" festival / Munich -2000

- invited to "ARS01" festival -KIASMA / Helsinki -2001


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